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New on STN

April 2018

CCI Now Searchable in CAS REGISTRY(SM)

February 2018

Chinese dual filings are now linked within DWPI families

February 2018

First Emtree Thesaurus for 2018 Now Available in Embase

Meet us at

East meets West 2018,
19. - 20. Apr., Vienna
2018 IC-SDV Conference,
23. - 24. Apr, Nice
PIUG 2018 Annual Conference,
05.-10.May, Alexandria, VA

STN User Meetings

München, 25.04.2018
Stockholm, 24.05.2018
Copenhagen, 25.05.2018

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Requirements for STN Express®

Hardware Support


  • Microsoft® Windows® compatible PC
  • Minimum: Pentium® 4 (2.4 GHz)
  • Recommended: Intel compatible multi-core processor (2.0+ GHz preferred)

Memory (Minimum)

  • 512 MB RAM or recommended minimum for your operating system if higher
  • 768 MB RAM to use CAS Registry BLAST, Analyze Plus or post-processing tools
  • 2+ GB RAM (recommended)

Available Hard Disk Space

  • 205+ MB
  • 190 MB required when installation includes CAS Registry BLAST and Merged Markush Service (MMS)
  • 15+ MB recommended for transcripts, tables, reports, etc.

Network Connections

  • Connection to STN requires either the telnet protocol through port 23 (standard Winsock connection) or the HTTPS protocol through port 443 (SSL/VPN connection)
  • Automatic updating of support files and access to online Help requires an HTTP application-level connection through port 80
  • Access to CAS REGISTRY BLAST requires an HTTPS application-level connection through port 443
  • Access to CAS Full Text Options requires either an HTTP application-level connection through port 80 or an HTTPS application-level connection through port 443 (based on user preference)
  • PatentPak™ Interactive Viewer requires either HTTP or HTTPS application-level connection through port 80 or 443

Software Support

Operating System and Web Browser

  • Microsoft Windows XP™ SP3, Vista®, Windows 7 (Windows 7 Starter version is not supported), Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 10 (STN Express 8.6 only)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Version 9.0 or higher, or Mozilla® Firefox® Version 31 or ESR Version 24 or higher, Chrome 36 or higher. (Note: Chrome 45 or higher does not support Java) (Note: Older browser versions will support Full-text options but not PatentPak)
  • ActiveX®, Java™ and JavaScript™ must be enabled

Additional Software

  • Microsoft Excel® 2003, 2007 or 2010 for the Analyze Plus Wizard or CAS Registry Number® and Role Report Wizard
  • QuickTime 7 for viewing images in STN Express transcripts
  • Adobe Reader for viewing PDF outputs for tables, reports and transcripts