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FIZ Karlsruhe has developed a new set of tools, the "STN Site Administration Tools (SAT)". One of these tools is the "STN Full-Text Solution" which allows STN customers to administrate features of their access to the STN Full-Text Solution. Site Administrators can toggle full-text options, customize subscriber links, control access options to their inhouse library, and more.

The Site Administrator for the "STN Full-Text Solution" tool is nominated by the individual institution. Prior to taking over the function as administrator and managing the company's full-text options for one or more accounts, this person needs to complete a request form and fax it to the FIZ Karlsruhe Customer Service (+49 7247 808 136). Any changes in the tool will always affect all login IDs of the corresponding account(s).

Functionalities of the "STN Full-Text Solution" tool in detail:

  1. Enable or disable all functions of CAS Full Text Options such as
    links to e-Journals via Publishers (subscribers only), Aggregators e.g. EBSCO (subscribers only), CrossRef, and J-Stage, via Single e-Article Sales, or delivery via FIZ AutoDoc (electronic, fax copy or paper copy);
    links to e-Patents via patent offices (esp@cenet, USPTO, JPO, KIPRIS, SIPO), Thomson Reuters (subscribers only), via Single e-Patent Sales, or delivery via FIZ AutoDoc (electronic via e-mail or webserver FTP, fax copy, paper copy).
  2. Update the In-house linking preferences.
  3. Upload ISSN "certification" lists to enable up-front checking of journal availability in your library´s journals or in journals to which your organization subscribes electronically
  4. Customize the CAS Full Text Options Page
  5. Check which Accounts are administrated by you!

Please note: With setting up a Site Administrator for the STN Full-Text Solution all functions of CAS Full Text Options are enabled by default.


The example on the right shows what your customized CAS Full Text Options Page might look like. Please note, that each Full-text option can be administered separately.

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