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CAS Full Text Options within an IPAA - environment: How to switch over to a different STN Account

If your organization is using IP Authentication (IPAA) to STN, you will automatically access CAS Full Text Options (CAS FTO) and all attached services (e.g. FIZ AutoDoc) via this corporate IPAA Account, even if you have used another account to access STN (e.g. via STN Express).

  • by clicking "Login" in CAS FTO´s navigation frame and entering your STN loginID / password:
    • you activate your personal login settings, irrespective of those of the IPAA account
    • you activate all your personal CAS FTO options
    • when ordering documents via "Order Document" or via "Download Document", the billing address of your personal STN account is used
  • this option is available when you call CAS FTO while online or from any transcripts
  • as before, end users who do not have an STN login ID / password will not be able to switch over to a different STN account. They will always access CAS FTO and all attached services via the corporate IPAA account

  1. To switch over to a different STN Account click the new "Login" link in the left navigation frame.

  1. You are prompted to enter your STN loginID / password.

  1. Immediately, the CAS FTO and attached services of this different STN Account will be displayed.